The SPA wants to find new homes for all the unwanted animals in our care.

Although our rehoming procedures are designed to guard  against mismatched animals, if the animal doesn’t settle in their  new home, the SPA will ask for his/her return, in order to find  a more compatible alternative home. Potential owners need to choose an animal in person.

The SPA only rehomes animals which have been signed over  into our care. Stray dogs are signed over by the local authority concerned. 

Unclaimed animals are kept ten days before the readoption procedure begins and in order to give their owners a good chance to get them back.

We don’t rehome to adopters who may be moving abroad to a country outside Switzerland and we advise  that owners should not consider moving for at least six months  after adoption.



Please feel free to come and visit us and tell us which type of animal you are looking for. Depending on availability, we will then help you to find the animal whose character and needs suit you best.

All of our animals have regular health checks and are vaccinated  as appropriate. Antiparasitic treatment and treatment against worms  as well. We also make sure that all rehomed cats, dogs and ferrets are identified by an implanted microchip.

 Females dogs , cats are neutered, male dogs are castrated if necessary as part of the rehoming procedure.


Adoption costs  CHF 150.-  for a cat and CHF 300.-  for a dog. We also ask for a membership fee of CHF 20.-  per year. This money enables us to continue protecting, looking after, and finding our animals new homes.

We look forward to your visit!

*Please look at special opening hours